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Organisations in many countries are required to have independent financial audits conducted on an annual basis to meet their statutory obligations. However, Harley Reed looks beyond statutory requirements to ensure that stakeholders are able to have confidence in the organisation, the system of controls which governs its activities, corporate and other non-financial information. We undertake statutory audits using a team comprising industry and compliance experts.

Our financial assurance services go beyond pure statutory audits. We are able to conduct forensic reviews on behalf of internal and connected stakeholders to give a comprehensive and independent view of an organisation’s true position. We offer related capital market services for companies listed on local stock exchanges, and we are also experienced in the audits of donor funded programmes and public sector reports.

Our clients range from small enterprises through to listed corporates and government ministries.

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Protecting the integrity of the supply chain extends beyond operational risks into reputation and compliance – this is especially the case in an increasingly globalised market. However, the pace of evolving supply chains which are becoming increasingly complex networks which exposes organisations to risks far beyond their first tier suppliers. This risk is not always identified through traditional audit program methods, whose methodologies often fail to adapt. In order to truly deliver an effective supply chain audit, consideration is needed into the people, processes and technology involved.

Our statutory audit experience combined with our leading supply chain advisory and training practice place us in a strong position to deliver a robust supply chain assurance service – ranging from procurement audits, to full supply chain assessments.

Many organisations conduct compliance based procurement audits – however, we are able to go much further, looking at value for money audits; benchmarking supply chain performance against best-in-class across the fields of people, process and technology – thereby providing meaningful management reports which form the foundation of a roadmap to improved performance.

In the public sector, demonstrating value for money is becoming increasingly important as organisations become ever more sophisticated in manipulating the procurement process. Our experienced team is able to highlight process strengths, whilst providing stakeholders with an objective view of supply chain performance and changes on a year-on-year basis.

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Our social and ethical assurance services are utilised by a range of clients. In the third sector, the competition for financial support and resources means that third sector organisations need to demonstrate the social value generated for every dollar of investment made. Private sector organisations who are serious about social responsibility need to objectively demonstrate that their programmes are more than a PR exercise, and are there to deliver real benefit to the community.

Within this service area, we also offer the following:

• Social Accounting services – providing a quantitative method for organisations to monitor and evaluate its social programmes. This accounting perspective provides a methodology for assessing progress and change on a year-on-year basis in order to improve performance through better planning and management.
• Social Auditing services – the framework used to help organisations to engage with stakeholders and assess social and environmental impacts in order to improve performance and increase accountability. The term is also used interchangeably with Social Impact Assessments.

Our teams are able to quantify social and ethical value delivered using established and recognised techniques and reporting requirements. We use well respected tools such as Social Return on Investment computations, and the Accountability AA1000 series to underpin our work.

Please contact your local Harley Reed office for more information on services offered in your region

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